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Play Sessions utilize 7 main characters called the Planet Podz.

These characters are the physical embodiment of the seven Chakras or energy centers of the body. By learning about and understanding where emotions sit in the physical body, your Child is given the tools to balance and integrate self soothing exercises, sounds/songs and thought forms, as well as healthy foods to move through life lessons when facing the three base emotions of fear, anger and grief. 


No blood work, no pain, no anxiety ridden lab work. It can be very difficult to find out what some children need, nutritionally, to function optimally. This Compass Tool can be very helpful in measuring what herbal supplements will benefit a person most, simply by having that person hold their hand on the comfortable mouse-like measuring device - and since it can be done with surrogate testing, you don't have to rely upon a child to sit still for too long. Parents are amazed by the testing and even using for themselves!. This is a great sceince to consider for anyone looking for nutritional & supplemental guidance for their children.


All interaction is comprised of vibrations – those that hold our physical forms together and those that form relationships. Active Vibrational Restructuring aids in changing those situations that cause us discomfort or distress to those of a more positive and beneficial nature. Through Dr. Wolfe’s guidance, participants will sense the changes in their energetic fields as they work. With focus and intention, we will clear the blockages to healthy interactions in various aspects of our lives.

Using a unique blend of Kinesiology, Bioresonance Technologies , and Life Experience, “AVR” aids in the removal of energetic blockages. One on one sessions with Dr. Wolfe are available via phone appointment. $225.

JUST FOR KIDS ~ Yoga and Stories for Peaceful Children

Combining stories from multiple cultures all over our great Planet, Dr. Wolfe's team weaves together fun, philosophy, movement & intentions to support your children in building balanced emotions & bodies.

Guiding your children through stories, they will experience:

~interactive moments

~staying present

~moving & still meditative moments

~introspection & group discussions

These sessions are gifts in self discovery for your children.

Age groups : 4-6 beginners 7-10



Inviting 12 lucky kids to explore how:

7 Colors ~ 7 Scents ~ 7 Sounds & 7 Movements Help you tune into Why & How you feel certain ways in certain situations.

Join us as we HUM, DRUM, SNIFF, BEND to Discover your Inner Powers!

Classes forming now ages 4-6, 7-9, 10-11!

Discover how cool You really are!


For our Wise Parents ~ Healthy Children - Healthy Planet

Healthy Children – Healthy Planet is a seven-session course for the home, school or workplace addressing how the pervasive effects of advertising, media, and our consumer culture can influence a child’s view of the world.

1. Cultural Pressures: A powerful fusion of pop culture and peer influence creates a social smog that has a strong influence on today’s children, says author and doctor Ron Taffel. How should adults respond to these pressures?

2. Family Rituals and Celebrations: Meaningful family time can provide an antidote to cultural pressures of consumption. Explore how ritual can enrich a child’s family

experience and examine alternatives to elaborate celebrations and gifts.

3. Advertising: The average child sees an estimated 20,000 commercials every year. What are the effects on our children, and what steps can adults take to lessen the impact?

4. Food and Health: What is the link between diet and learning? How can adults encourage children to include healthy foods in their meals?

5. Time and Creativity: How can adults help children find balance between activities and unstructured time, which is often the source of creativity?

6. Technology and the Media: Opinions differ on whether computers hinder or help the natural process of child development. What steps can adults take to create a healthy media environment at home?

7. Exploring Nature: As children spend more time indoors, they connect less to the wild places in their neighborhood. How can we give children the opportunity to connect with the natural world?

KID'S SPACE: ERGONOMICS & FENG SHUI ~ Enhancing the Learning Experience

Whether your child is in daycare, school or still at home, there are so many things that you or your school can do to enhance their learning—simple things that support greater happiness, creativity and reduce stress. Imagine your children smiling, feeling happier about themselves, managing their stress levels better, accessing their intuition and creativity more easily, feeling more confident and overcoming fears, expressing their individuality and becoming self motivated and enthusiastic. Well they can!

Dr. Wolfe can create a multi-modality program that includes:

~analyzing your space



~spatial arrangement of the furniture/art

~introducing scent into the space : Aromatherapy

~Personalized Astrocartography, local space charts


~And other multiple factors that can make a difference in how a space supports specific goals and purposes! 

Having studied with four different schools of Feng Shui tradition, Dr. Wolfe can analyze your personal space, offices, schools and retail space to change the energy in each area. She does this by understanding the purpose of the space and bringing it into supportive harmony. Call for your consultation!

Do the signs, colors, furniture, scents and lighting of your child's space support learning?