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Awesomism Empowered Parenting Course

Dr. Wolfe’s life work provides teaching practical skill sets for parents with custom designed programs that leaves the parents fully capable of implementing all that they learned.


THE JOURNEY WE TAKE TOGETHER will be individualized for the particular needs of you, your child and your family. Based on the collective needs I have experienced and perceive to date, I have provided a weekly outline as a guide of the overall process and expected new levels of awareness. This new awareness will be paired with strategies and techniques that are individualized for your situation. It is through this combined process of the program and the skillful individualized techniques, that we will move together in H.O.P.E. (Honest, Open-Minded, Present, Excited) to ensure your shift from autism to awesomism.


Parents report extra benefits for the child and themselves when engaging in this process. The term extra benefit is used versus goal, because when the true goal of a deeper connection to your child, yourself and the world around you is achieved, then an environment is created which allows for new potentials and possibilities.

These possibilities and potentials have typically included the following:

  • • The child makes a better connection to their physical environment.
  • • The child connects more deeply with their family members.
  • • The child's communication skills are greatly increased.
  • • The child's behavior is greatly improved.
  • • A shift in the child's overall abilities and diagnosis.
  • • Children have been reported to loose their diagnosis of ASD, ADHD etc, while retaining their special gifts and skills.


Dr. Wolfe fully guarantees your satisfaction in this program, therefore she will qualify potential clients based on their willingness to learn and participate in H.O.P.E.

Honest with each other. You are also honest with yourself, your child & those around you.

Open to a brand new way of understanding and interacting with your child and to the possibilities that exist.

Present to the process, which means we all participate fully for the well being of you, your child and your family.

Excited about the "aha" moments to come and the growth that you, your child and your family are about to experience.

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