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Mission Statement

The purpose of Planet PODZ at Planet Apothecary is to offer the teachings of mindfulness and compassion as a resource for families. We combine ancient teachings with loving, fun, interactive stories, exercises & songs that can be a reliable refuge in these complex times. We bring confidence and inspiration to the art and hard work of creating harmonious family life. Planet Apothecary's mission is to contribute to the community of people who value the work of parenting, respect the natural wisdom of children, and are committed to living with compassionate love for our world. Planet Apothecary holds a vision of a world where parents are able to spend relaxed loving time with their children – a world where children are treasured as our most valuable natural resource – a world where everyone is connected to our vast and joyful universal life in mutual caring and responsibility. Planet PODZ Mission... is to create a motivating, positive, and healing environment for families. We encourage healthy bodies & minds by promoting a balanced lifestyle of fun, fitness, nutrition, relaxation, and stress– management. We connect activities that clear the mind, strengthen the body, and feed the spirit in our comprehensive approach to wellness. We believe there is unity through diversity. We work with families, schools, hospitals around the world. We bring hope & balance by offering many paths, modalities & choices to facilitate a healthy future for our children, their families & the Planet through their paths to self-discovery. We invite you to find yourself...inside.