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Meet The Podz

Planet Podz & The Chakras

Story behind the Podz

The Podz are seven imaginary creatures created by Dr. Wolfe to teach her son Samm life lessons in expressing emotions. The Podz are based on the 7 Chakras, the 7 energy centers of the body. The 7 chakras also represent the 7 colors of the Rainbow! The Podz derive their names from the 7 Seed Sounds of the Ancient Sanskrit language, known as a Bija Mantra. Bija means Seed, and is associated with the lotus petals of each chakra. A Bija mantra or Seed Sound is a sound, with one syllable, that when chanted causes vibration in the chakra frequency. Chanting a mantra or reciting a poem can cause a shift from negative to positive energy, from negative to positive emotion.