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These first eight weeks will create the new awareness needed to completely shift your understanding of children. I will share the positive truths about your child that you may not be hearing from anyone else. We will journey together to learn how your child experiences their world and how they express those experiences through behaviors. I will facilitate your building a structured NEW AWARENESS of your child, demonstrating that they are wonderfully 'different' but not 'disordered'. This shift in perception will set the foundation to invite many new potentials and possibilities for you, your child, and your family in the way that you experience the world individually and collectively.

By the end of week eight, we have set the FOUNDATION FOR AWESOMISM!

Focus for weeks 1-8: THE CHILD

Intention: Building a new awareness related to how your child experiences the world and how that experience is expressed through behaviors.

Specific learning:

1. The four levels of your child’s experience - Physical, Mental, Feeling/Sensory and Spirit

2. The mechanics of your child's advanced sensory system

3. Right-brained (navigating life through feeling) versus left-brained experience (navigating life through mind)

4. Acting or "mirroring" the situations they sense/feel

5. The effects that words have on your child

6. Your child's use of behavior as a means of communication

7. The effects of pharmaceuticals on your child

8. The not so obvious toxins affecting your child


During weeks nine through sixteen we will journey together to understand the significant impact that perception has on your experience of your child, yourself and the world around you. We will also discuss how your verbal and non-verbal communication actually conditions your child's experience. Learning during these weeks will shift your perception and will change your relationship with your child and your world. During these weeks you will learn how to deeply connect to your child. It is here that we develop the framework for inviting a bridge between you, your child and your family. 

By the end of week sixteen, you are well on THE ROAD TO AWESOMISM!

Focus weeks 9-16: THE PARENT

Intention: A new perception and learning to deeply connect to your child.

Specific learning:

9. How to meet your child where they are

10. How to use awareness of your sensory system to educate your child about theirs

11. Connecting to your child beyond words and WHY that is so important

12. Detoxification of the Body, Mind and Spirit

13. Using your child’s reflections or "mirroring" behavior for personal growth and awareness building

14. How to use words to create your life

15. Sensing your way through life and being your authentic self

16. How your health care choices impact your child's ability to connect to their body 


During weeks seventeen through twenty-four you, your child, and your family will experience and live AWESOMISM. You will effect the learning, strategies and techniques gained from prior sessions and experience relationships more fully and experience the magic and wonder of life. Often times (but not always depending on the particular needs of each child and family) effecting these strategies and techniques will now begin to result in your child feeling more comfortable in their physical environment. This is where you may begin to notice that your child is experiencing and expressing this world through more "typical" body mechanics (e.g., receptive and expressive language). This is also where you may notice that you have begun to have a more tangible experience and connection to your child's world.

Focus weeks 17-24: AWESOMISM AS A WAY OF LIFE.

Intention: The experiences that make Awesomism real.

Specific learning:

17. Your presence in a situation effects your child's presence

18. Your child's behaviors can be impacted by your self awareness

19. Healing yourself creates balance for your child

20. Trust in yourself and your child as never before

21. Restored balance effects the whole family

22. Your child's gifts are beginning to shine through

23. You too have gifts that you didn't know you had

24. Your ability to educate others as an advocate for all that your child is. 


Throughout this process you will be given individualized strategies, techniques and pointers toward a new way of being with yourself, your child and those around you. These techniques, when applied, allow you to see first hand the truths of the information presented above. They provide you with the "proof" of the powerful impact of this process. Through these techniques you gain the concrete experience of the awesome child you have been gifted.

Each week you will be offered the opportunity to re-assess your H.O.P. E. or your ability to be Honest with your own feelings, Open Minded to the experiences at hand, Present to yourself and your child and Excited about shifts and changes in your new experiences with your child. You will no doubt begin and continue to notice a new you, a new child and a new outlook on life.


After our last session, we will have one last discussion in which we will:

1. Take inventory of where you, your child and your family are now in terms of our initial plan and discussion.

2. Review the highlights and new awareness gained through the course.

3. Discuss continuing plan going forward.

4. Discuss any additional guidance to anchor more deeply your experience of AWESOMISM.


Within one week of our last session and discussion you will receive suggestions for maintaining this awesome experience. Your Awesome Family Portfolio, is a web based link filled with all the individualized strategies, techniques and suggestions that worked best for you and your family. You will also receive a synopsis of your journey through my eyes highlighting all of the “aha” moments you experienced along the way. The honoring and celebration of how far you and your child have come in this six month process helps to anchor your experience into your new way of being!