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About Us

The purpose of Planet PODZ at Planet Apothecary is to offer the teachings of mindfulness and compassion as a resource for families... Click here for full statement.

Dr. Jeanette Wolfe

Jeanette Wolfe, ND supports the individuals, corporate groups and the development of their spaces through the study of human behaviors and their interaction within an environment. Her Intimate Ergonomic studies examine the structures, processes, changes and perceived issues of a given area.

She offers a sociological study of an environment and its inhabitants and their role in the development of that space. Her studies offer a grounded view of the psychology of humans in specific environments and the relationship between the physical design of that environment, human response and what is anticipated to transpire in there. Results are expeditious and powerful yielding enhanced communications and flow.

Her studies employ statistical analysis, observation, social theory, interviews, bio resonance programs and other alternative methods to study a range of topics, including geopolitical and demographic trends, economics, poverty, race relations and economic trends. Dr. Wolfe offers insights into the primitive limbic system which is connected with involuntary reactions that tell us about our perceptions of the environment via emotional and visceral responses. Brainwave activity, heart rate, respiration, muscular tension & other functions of the autonomic nervous system are aligned by her tools .

Clients note enhanced clarity & focus, eased anxiety, a sense of uplifted, energized, soothed and supported employees, residents, and clients .Enhanced sales, traffic, navigation and a deepened sense of community create the essential foundation for the success and easy flow of life in these spaces. Dr. Wolfe creates space that is magnetized to higher levels of potential supporting the intended outcome and success of her clients.

"For me, It's all about sharing our Gifts and our Love to Heal the Planet, one Child, one Person, one Home, one Business at a time..."