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At Planet Apothecary, we teach children, their parents & caregivers through interactive exercises, music, and meditation. We empower families & schools in creating open, joyful relationships with their children.

Planet PODZ is for people who want to discover new ways to practice mindfulness with their children.

After 30 years of teaching kids and adults, Dr. Jeanette Wolfe has seen the life-changing effect of cultivating a wise and balanced relationship to the present moment. Recent research in brain science and psychology has been confirming what we intuitively know about the value of mindfulness in parenting, in teaching, and being with children.

Podz V 3

At Planet Apothecary, we teach children age-appropriate self empowerment through meditative skills so they, too, can develop greater knowledge of their inner world.

Through music, movement, color, smell, reinforcement & education, your children will gain confidence & creativity, self motivation & will overcome fears!

~Planet Podz Teaches Life Lessons~

Personal Lessons:

FUN: Imagination, Simplicity, Sensation

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM: Individuality & Independence

POWER: Self Mastery, Emotional Intelligence

BELONGING: Self Worth, Familiarity

Social Lessons:

BELONGING: Popularity, Friendship, Assimilation

POWER: Superiority, Control, Self Worth

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM: Imitation, Exploration

FUN: Amusement, Creativity, Peer Activities.

~Planet Podz Benefits to Children & Parents~

  • Promotes self discovery, emotional freedom, power & belonging
  • Enables the energetic shift of emotional energy
  • Helps children deal with emotional expression in a way that is fun and secure
  • Plants seed for lifelong learning
  • Explores role playing activities that children apply to everyday situations
  • Provides a way for parents to reconnect emotionally with their children
  • Breaks the guilt of not having quality time
  • Breaks down complex emotions for children and parents to better understand.